© Indentical Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Indentical Ltd, based in Scotland, UK, recycle waste masonry materials for external and internal use. We have developed a range of coating products which, when dust is added, can be applied as coatings, renders or plasters. Indentical Ltd have nearly 40 years experience in working in both Monumental and Architectural Masonry and Stone Restoration industries. All products are currently under patent pending UK Patent Application No 1308049.4 status. The external range is used primarily in the restoration industry where we have overcome the problems of colour matching with a “mix your own colour match” product. Imagine the world’s first on-site mixing process - no need for expensive time-wasting sending off samples. Never worry about matching colour again! We have developed mixes for the Monumental industry which can be used as a lettering alternative and for decorative purposes. Full on-site training can be offered on request. Our internal range is under development but we hope to have it available very soon.
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