© Indentical Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Products Website design  by: RJM Website Design enquiries@indenticalltd.co.uk External Range IND EXTERIOR BASE COAT The Base Coat product does not require the addition of dust and comes in 2.5kg or 5kg container. It is used as a base coat for repairs that are not NHL based. It can be applied by brush or roller and can be dried within seconds with a blow torch before applying a second coat. If there are any brush or roller marks, it can be sanded back before application of the IND EXTERIOR COAT (MIX YOUR OWN COLOUR MATCH). The Base Coat can be applied directly on to masonry surfaces such as stone or brick, which can then be used for decorative purposes with the use of IND EXTERIOR COAT (MIX YOUR OWN COLOUR MATCH). Coverage: Approximately 5sqm. IND EXTERIOR BASE COAT ON HOUSE IND EXTERIOR BASE COAT 0800 043 2691