© Indentical Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Products Website design  by: RJM Website Design enquiries@indenticalltd.co.uk External Range IND EXTERIOR COAT (MIX YOUR OWN COLOUR MATCH) This product has been specially developed for colour and texture matching. Never experience the problem of colour matching again. This product has been specially formulated to allow the natural oxides to be utilized for the purposes of colour matching. IMPORTANT: THIS PRODUCT IS NOT PAINT AND SHOULD NEVER BE APPLIED DIRECTLY ON TO MASONRY SURFACES BUT WORKS WITH RENDER REPAIRS ONLY.  THE PRODUCT CAN BE APPLIED LIKE PAINT BUT ONLY WITH THE USE OF IND BASE COAT PRODUCT. HOW DOES IT WORK? The restorer usually cuts out the degraded stone work back to the sound material. This material is then thrown away...BIG MISTAKE... this is the very stuff you will need to derive the colour you require. This material will become like gold dust! - and be recycled back into the property. Step1 Cut out the loose and delaminated masonry. Using a heavy hammer, crush to a fine dust. Step 2 Using a normal flour sieve, sift the dust through it into a clean dry bucket. Collect as much as you can. NOTE: If you are working on different stone blocking, such as sandstone, it is important to collect the different coloured stone dusts separately. This will give you the different colours you will require for an authentic finish and to blend into the rest of the wall. Step 3 Once you have collected and sieved the dusts, mix 1 part IND EXTERIOR COAT (Mix Your Own Colour Match) to 4 parts dust. Mix well to make a thick paste. NOTE: The ratio 1:4 is a starting guide only. The product can be bulked out to 1:6. When mixing large quantities, an electric hand-held paint mixer can be used. Very carefully add enough water so that the paste becomes like a thick masonry-paint consistency. Step 4 Apply by brush or roller to the finished render repair. IND EXTERIOR COAT (Mix Your Own Colour Match) has been specially formulated to work on NHL white based renders. This is because the absorption by the NHL works best with this product. If however you are working with cement based render, for best results you should use IND EXTERIOR BASE COAT before applying the IND EXTERIOR COAT (Mix Your Own Colour Match). The first application, which is the PRIMARY COAT, can be dried within seconds using a blow heat torch. The product will not shrink nor crack, but be careful with the render underneath. This is especially useful in cold or wet weather. The second application again can be dried in seconds and you should see the colour required. Entranceway matched to house IND EXTERIOR COAT ON GARAGE Depending on which material you are working with i.e. natural stone, or man-made materials, this will determine the match. The PRIMARY COAT may need to be either darkened or lightened, this can be done by normal earth pigments. NOTE: The local soils next to the property can act as an ideal colorant - try it, you will be amazed. Step 5 Once you have achieved the colour match, to smooth off any brush or roller marks, dampen the surface and sand back gently with normal paint sandpapers of a low grit size. This can then be blow torched to dry within seconds. It is always better to colour-test before any final application, as mentioned above, the use of earth-based colour pigments may be required to achieve the perfect match. Coverage: 1kg bulked out with dust and water will easily cover 12 SqMs. Comes in 1kg and 2kg containers. ENTRANCEWAY MATCHED TO HOUSE IND EXTERIOR COAT on garage IND EXTERIOR COAT ON GARAGE IND EXTERIOR COAT on garage IND EXTERIOR COAT (MIX YOUR OWN COLOUR MATCH) IND EXTERIOR COAT around window 0800 043 2691 IND EXTERIOR COAT Extension matched to House