© Indentical Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Products Website design  by: RJM Website Design enquiries@indenticalltd.co.uk External Range IND EXTERIOR RENDER (MIX YOUR OWN COLOUR MATCH) A similar product to the IND EXTERIOR COAT (MIX YOUR OWN COLOUR MATCH) in that it uses the masonry waste material and recycles it back into the wall. The main differences are that it is not a coating, but can be applied with a trowel or can be poured into mouldings for any shape to be cast. It can also be sprayed like a render and sticks to polystyrene. HOW DOES IT WORK? The product comes in 5kg and 10kg containers and is bulked out by the addition of the recycled dusts by a factor of 4. Step1 Cut out the loose masonry material and collect. Using a heavy hammer, crush to a fine dust. Step 2 Using a normal flour sieve, sift to a fine dust. Step 3 Add 1 part IND EXTERIOR RENDER (MIX YOUR OWN COLOUR MATCH) to 4 parts collected dust. NOTE: The ratio 1:4 is a starting guide only. The product can be bulked out to 1:6. Carefully add small amount of water and mix to a thick render-like consistency. The product is now ready to be applied by a hawk and trowel. It can be applied to any scratch coat. Step 4 For colour matching see instructions as per coating application. Coverage: 5kgs will cover 2.5 sqms with a 10mm mortar bed. Also comes in 10kg containers. NOTE: IND EXTERIOR RENDER MUST BE ALLOWED TO DRY BEFORE BEING WORKED (DRYING TIMES ARE DEPENDENT ON WEATHER CONDITIONS, BUT SHOULD BE DRY WITHIN 24 - 36 HOURS). Once dried it can be textured or sanded back like other top-quality render finishes. IND EXTERIOR RENDER (MIX YOUR OWN COLOUR MATCH) can be poured into moulds and will set in normal well-heated environments within 24 hours. Ideally, the longer the setting times, as with most mouldings, the better the finished mould will be. It can have reinforcements inserted in the mouldings before being poured. It has also been specifically formulated to set simultaneously with concrete as a bottom or exterior coat. Match around window Render Mix set in Mortar IND EXTERIOR RENDER - MATCH AROUND WINDOW IND EXTERIOR RENDER - RENDER MIX SET IN MORTAR RENDERING PROCESS 1/3 RENDERING PROCESS 2/3 RENDERING PROCESS 3/3 Rendering Process 0800 043 2691