© Indentical Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Products Website design  by: RJM Website Design enquiries@indenticalltd.co.uk External Range IND MONUMENTAL LETTERING COMPOUND This product comes in 2 different mixes - a white marble or a black marble and comes in 5kg containers. HOW DOES IT WORK? It is used in conjunction with sandblast lettering stencils. However, instead of sandblasting the lettering out of the stone and removing the tape, the IND MONUMENTAL LETTER COMPOUND is plastered on and left to harden. The tape can then be removed to produce high-quality raised lettering which can either be white marble on a black background or a black marble finish on a white or grey background. The lettering can be polished or left sanded. IND MONUMENTAL LETTER COMPOUND PRODUCT IND MONUMENTAL LETTERING COMPOUND 0800 043 2691