© Indentical Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Products Website design  by: RJM Website Design enquiries@indenticalltd.co.uk External Range IND POINT MATCH This product only works with natural lime-based coloured pointing and overcomes the problem of pointing a small area of walling to match the existing and is used in conjunction with repair work. HOW DOES IT WORK? Step1 Cut out the loose and defective pointing material in the pointing joints and collect. Step 2 Crush to a fine dust and sieve through into a clean dry bucket. Step 3 Add 1 part IND POINT MATCH and mix to a thick consistency as you would any normal pointing material. The addition of cold clean water will be required and this should be done very carefully. Step 4 Because the pointing material that has been cut out was loose and defective, there is not enough material to fully point the joints. What should you do now? Back fill the joints with ordinary NHL based pointing material, leaving enough space in the joint to finish with the matching mix. IND POINT MATCH has been specifically formulated to allow the ordinary NHL based back filler to bond with the matched mixed colour you have just mixed. There is no need to allow the back filler to dry before applying. As with IND EXTERIOR COAT (MIX YOUR OWN COLOUR MATCH), colour testing should be done in case the pointing material requires to be darkened or lightened and this can be done in exactly the same way. Coverage: Depending on joint size, will be 25 linear metres from 1kg container. Also available in 5kgs. IND POINT MATCH PRODUCT 0800 043 2691